Portia and Ellen address baby rumors

TORONTO – (SmellyDiaper) Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres know first-hand that when you are famous people like to talk about you. Some of the stories have basis to them and some they have no idea where they started at all. Actors often choose to ignore the gossip that is about them but this couple chose to answer it head on this week during the Tuesday episode of Ellen’s talk show when Portia was a guest.

The couple has actually been the target of several popular rumors in the past few months. There have been stories of infidelity, and other trials including the possibility that they might be getting a divorce. The couple says stories about them have run the gamut. One of the main questions however, that talk show viewers, who were asked to write in questions, wanted to know was if the couple were going to have a baby. After playing coy for a few minutes deRossi finally came clean and said that no, the couple were not planning to have a baby.

“They want us to have a baby,” Ellen said and de Rossi held up a tabloid to show the audience one of the stories they were aware of. “Everyone assumes we really are having a baby and we’re just not sharing it,” said de Rossi.

Other questions from viewers of the talk show included less important issues, like why deRossi leaves her socks at the end of the bed. Other questions were regarding the popular television series Scandal, which deRossi is currently is seen each week in. Of all the stories that have been going around however, the baby rumor seemed the hottest and had been making the rounds the fastest. De Rossi said even her own family members were calling to ask her if it was true.

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