Preparing For The Arival – 215 Days To Go

Yesterday we moved one step closer to getting ready for the new arrival. Our plan is to convert the current office into the new nursery. So yesterday we moved the computer to the spare room.

The desk, from Ikea, is one move past it’s prime. We managed to get it half way out the door when it essentially exploded. We eventually got it together again in it’s new room, but i’ll never trust it again.

We also checked out some paint colors too. We’ve decided to go for a shade of yellow (not sure which shade yet).

Annie is doing well…really well. She has not had any morning sickness or any other real problems.

She now in week 9!

Week Nine

Swollen, sensitive breasts and frequent bathroom breaks can cause significant discomfort for mothers-to-be during week nine; additionally, some women may experience breakouts reminiscent of adolescence during this time period. Changes in the mother’s level of sexual desire are also common during the later stages of the first trimester due to wildly fluctuating hormonal levels. Inside the womb, the baby continues to grow and bone structures become more defined, with fingers appearing during this week.

According to the Smelly Diaper Pregnancy Calendar, we are:

Your Are 59 Days Pregnant!
You are 21.53% Through Your Pregnancy, only 215 days to go!
Estimated Conception Date: January 25, 2011
End of your first trimester: April 25, 2011
End of second trimester: July 25, 2011
Your Due Date: October 25, 2011
Fetal Age: 59 Days Old


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