Push To Ban Circumcision in San Francisco

San Francisco resident Lloyd Schofield has successfully spearheaded a measure on the November ballot to ban male circumcision procedures.

Although the measure is very controversial, he was able to collect the required number of signatures and the issue will now be turned over to the voters. If the measure passes, it will become illegal for anyone to perform a male circumcision on those under the age of 18 within the city limits. He cited the ban on female circumcision as one of the reasons behind his measure.

Male circumcision is tied up with several social and religious connotations. Several people in the Jewish community have publicly spoken out about the negative impact that this ban will have on their traditional religious rites.

The scientific community has also pointed out evidence which states that male circumcision has been linked with a reduction in the spread of HIV. Schofield and his supporters, however, maintain that male circumcision, no matter how it is viewed from a cultural or religious standpoint, is nothing more than a currently-accepted version of genital mutilation.

If the measure passes, the ban will become a law and anyone convicted of performing an underage male circumcision will face a fine of $1,000.

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