Salem Massachusetts Woman Feared Cancer Meds Would Kill Her Son

During testimony Friday, Kristen LaBrie, who is accused of the attempted murder of her son by withholding his cancer medication, admitted that she had discontinued giving him the drugs for more than five months. She stated that the medication made him so sick she feared he would die if he continued taking it.

LaBrie said that she had followed the doctor’s orders through the previous four stages of her son’s treatment, but he became very ill when she gave him the drugs for the final stage. Fearing that the chemotherapy would kill him, she discontinued administering it, according to her claims.

During cross-examination, the prosecution accused LaBrie of lying to the doctors about giving her son the meds, telling them that he was doing well with the in-home treatment.

LaBrie responded that she did not tell them about stopping the treatment because she believed that somebody else would give him the meds. She then described the debilitating side effects that the drugs had on her son Jeremy.

The prosectution also commented that LaBrie had seen the cancer make him quite ill, but she countered that the only time he appeared very ill was after the chemotherapy treatments.

LaBrie is charged with assault and battery, child endangerment and attempted murder.

Her son Jeremy died in 2009.

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