Santa’s grey outfit angers guest

Police Summoned By Outburst Over Grey Santa Outfit

A guest visiting a Swedish spa caused a recent disturbance when an appearance by a person dressed as Santa Claus caused the guest to lash out in anger.

It seems that Santa was not wearing the traditional red and white fur trimmed suit and was outfitted instead in a grey outfit when he came calling on the Vallsta, Sweden spa and conference centre located north of Stockholm.The guest became so agitated over the non-traditional colour of Santa’s costume that he began arguing with the spa’s staff.

The staff became so alarmed at the guest’s outrageous behavior and attitude that they summoned the local police. Police officials who arrived at the spa managed to calm everyone down and avoid making any arrests but declined to identify the troublemaker or his native country. Historically, Santa Claus only began wearing red in the late 19th century and was originally clothed in green.

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Why does Santa wear red

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