Search for Lisa Irwin enters second week

A well at an abandoned Kansas City, Mo., home is the site of the newest search for signs of Lisa Irwin, a 10-month-old baby who disappeared two weeks ago without a trace.

Investigators and emergency personnel drained the well, located beneath a wooden deck, but later revealed that no trace of the girl was found.

The home is located only blocks away from the home from which the baby disappeared.

According to a member of the Irwin family, the baby’s mother, Deborah Bradley, is likely to be charged very soon in connection with the disappearance.

Bradley was the last person to see the little girl, when she put her to bed, but police have had doubts about her story.

The baby’s father, Jeremy Irwin, an electrician who had worked an overnight shift, said he returned home in the morning to an unlocked front door, three missing cell phones and an empty crib. He is also under investigation, but Bradley is reportedly the main family focus.

In addition to investigating the missing girl’s parents, the police are also chasing down more than 250 tips, questioning neighbors about a homeless man in the neighborhood and have searched a ditch behind the family’s home.

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