Strong Start for Season Three of Sixteen and Pregnant

MTV has always opted for programming that pushes the limits. With the season three premiere of “Sixteen and Pregnant,” the network seemed eager to tone back the controversy (1, 2, 3) surrounding the previous seasons of the show. In contrast to the familial drama that plagued some of the previous teen moms on the show, season three opened with Jordan Ward, a pregnant teenager from St. Louis, Missouri.

Jordan and her boyfriend, Brian, have a refreshing devotion to one another. That does not mean the situation is without its tension. Jordan has a strong support system in her grandparents and twin sister, Jessica. While everyone involved seems committed to Jordan and her unborn child, Noah, the real drama comes between Brian and Jessica. Both Brian and Jessica want to take center stage as Jordan’s main source of support.

The conflict reaches its peak as Brian tries to keep Jessica out of the delivery room, a decision that Jordan eventually overturns. After Noah’s birth, the makeshift family seems united again. Baby Noah goes home as the family faces new obstacles, including Noah’s diagnosis of reflux. The season three premiere of “Sixteen and Pregnant” captured the right tension of hope and reality regarding teenage pregnancy.

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