Study Reveals Alternative Medicine Does Not Ease Colic

A review of studies done from 1991 to 2008 reveals that herbal remedies do not actually work on babies suffering with colic. While a few babies in the studies may have shown some improvement from alternative medicines, there is not enough evidence to support the claims.

Colic is a common problem for infants during the first four months of their lives. The most notable symptom of colic is prolonged bouts of excessive crying. It is a frustrating ailment for both the infants and the new parents because there is often nothing the parents can do to ease their baby’s crying.

There have been fifteen trials done with various alternative methods such as massage, herbal supplements, and reflexology. Eight of the studies involved supplements, including three herbal remedies. Out of the fifteen trials, only eight were considered to have good methodology. The other studies were flawed due to poor methodology practices.

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