Study: Two Questionnaires to Spot Development Delays in Children

Recently, researchers from Canada’s BC Children Hospital, as well as those from the University of British Columbia, stated there are two basic questionnaires that identify whether or not a child may be afflicted with a developmental delay.

The two questionnaires, which are both low in cost and easy to fill out are known as the ASQ, or Ages and Stages Questionnaire, and the PEDS, or Parents Evaluation of Developmental Status. They are important tools in addressing and identifying any problems in a child’s speech, motor skills, or cognitive function.

While the questionnaires can be filled out in the privacy of one’s home, there is an added benefit to simply completing one in the presence of a doctor or pediatrician. Primarily, a doctor will be able to score and evaluate the questionnaire promptly within a matter of minutes, thus providing parents with immediate information and feedback and saving them the unnecessary anxiety and stress of waiting.

The straightforward nature of these two questionnaires is being praised by many leading children’s doctors. While addressing a serious medical concern, they are still written in such a way that virtually any parent will be able to complete one in a meaningful way that will help diagnose their child.

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