Supermom: Tiffany Goodwin’s Foul Ball Catch

While attending any sporting event can be a very exciting activity, attending a professional baseball game can be far more interactive than any other event. This is because all people in the stadium have the opportunity of catching foul balls during the course of the game. While most foul balls do not draw too much attention, a recent foul ball catch has given one woman her 15 minutes of fame.

This past week a woman from Virginia headed to a Washington Nationals game with her family. Like many fans, Tiffany Goodwin wore a baseball glove just in case a ball headed her way. Unlike most fans in the stadium, however, Goodwin also held an eight-month-old baby. During the course of the game, a foul ball was hit directly at her; still supporting her baby with her right hand, Goodwin stretched up and spectacularly caught the ball in her gloved left hand.

After the game Goodwin’s husband jokingly stated that he was upset because he had called the catch. Goodwin states that she wears the glove to all the games she attends in order to help protect her children from foul balls.

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