Teenage Girl Sydney Spies Pays to Have Banned Photo In Yearbook

At a highschool in Durango, Colorado, a teenage girl is paying to have a photo of herself that was banned from the school’s yearbook placed in the yearbook as a full-page advertisement.

The revealing photo of Sydney Spies, a student at Durango High School, shows her bare midsection and shoulders while she’s posing in a somewhat raunchy manner.

Along with her family and friends, Ms. Spies is protesting her highschool citing violation of her freedom of expression. School administrators state that they banned the photo from the yearbook because it violated the school’s dress code.

However, it was not the school administrators who cut the photo from the yearbook.

The yearbook staff terminated the use of the photo because they said it would “diminish the quality with something that can be seen as unprofessional.”

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