The Benefits of Preschool

Parents sometimes wonder if attending preschool will be worthwhile for their child. Does their starting school at age 3 or 4 simply begin the process of rushing them into adulthood?

The Benefits of Preschool
The Benefits of Preschool

While it’s not necessary for your child to attend preschool, numerous studies, including Benefits of Preschool Education: Securing High Returns from Preschool for All Children by W. Steven Barnett, PhD, indicate that there are lifelong benefits for children who experience preschool.

Some of the reasons children should attend preschool include:
1. Children who are 3 or 4 years old learn quickly and well. Preschool gets them ready to read and flourish in the regular school environment.
2. Those who attend preschool are less likely to be held back a grade or later find themselves in special education programs.
3. Preschool attendees have a higher rate of graduation from high school and are more likely to attend college.
4. These children earn more on average as adults and are less likely to be arrested or need public assistance as adults.
5. In this day of both parents needing to work, often a parent isn’t present to teach their child lessons he needs to learn. Attending preschool with a qualified teacher is usually preferable to being with a babysitter, often in front of a TV.
6. Apart from academics, children will develop social skills. Even if he attends only two or three days per week, he will learn how to make friends, share and follow instructions. Children who don’t attend preschool wont learn these lessons until kindergarten. Those who attend preschool will, importantly, learn them at a younger age.

These are a few of the benefits that children receive while attending preschool. Children are different, and family situations are different. You must decide what is best for your child.

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