Tips for Getting Pregnant Fast

Some couples have luck on their first try, while others may take months or years to achieve their goal. Fortunately, there are some proven techniques that can help women improve their chances of becoming pregnant more quickly and successfully deliver a healthy baby.

For many couples, the decision to have a child may present unforeseen challenges...

Acquire Healthy Habits

Couples who practice healthy eating and regular exercise can improve their overall physical fitness. This healthy lifestyle can positively affect the functioning of reproductive organs, increase sperm count, and allow pregnancy to occur more easily and with fewer health problems down the line. For women, taking prenatal vitamins in advance of pregnancy can also help to ensure the health of the baby once it is conceived.

Cool It Down

Another simple way to increase male fertility is by lowering the temperature of the sperm; this is easily achieved by wearing boxer shorts rather than tight fitting briefs. While medical opinion is split on this issue, a number of studies have shown that fertility is increased by switching from briefs to boxers.

Make a date

Keeping a calendar of the menstrual cycle can help women determine when ovulation is most likely, thus increasing their chances of timing intercourse correctly. This method can be somewhat hit or miss, since menstrual cycles can vary significantly from person to person and over time; however, for women whose cycles are very regular, this can provide a time frame for scheduling some romantic time alone with their partners.

Read The Future

Ovulation prediction kits are available over the counter at most pharmacies and offer more accurate readings than calendar or temperature-based methods. These kits measure the level of hormones in the woman’s urine to detect the characteristic surge that occurs just before ovulation; this can provide couples with a more accurate way to time their intercourse for maximum results. Ovulation prediction kits can be pricey, however, and may create pressure on couples to perform on too precise a time frame.

Just Say No

Tobacco and alcohol can damage reproductive ability. Tobacco products are especially harmful in this regard; over twenty medical studies have shown that smoking or using smokeless tobacco significantly damages the body’s ability to reproduce for both men and women. Smoking is especially hard on women, since it decreases both the number and the quality of eggs in the ovaries. Alcohol may be used sparingly, but excessive use can produce similar results. For most couples, avoiding alcohol and tobacco entirely can significantly improve their chances of conceiving a healthy child.

Practice makes perfect

For most couples, persistence is the key in achieving pregnancy. Engaging in regular sexual relations can not only improve the chances of conception, but can bring the couple closer together and help to create a warm, loving relationship into which the child can be born. Frequent sex helps to stimulate the release of oxytocin that, in turn, has been shown to increase male sperm counts and improve the chances of pregnancy for the couple.

Most couples are able to conceive within one year by practicing these techniques; however, for those who still have difficulties, it’s advisable to consult the family doctor or a fertility expert to determine if medical issues exist. Modern medical techniques can provide hope for infertile couples and may even be able to correct physical problems to allow them to conceive naturally.

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