Toddler Saved by Dog Wanders Off Again

Just a few short days after a family dog was credited with saving the life of a missing South Carolina toddler by keeping the child warm, that same child wandered away from home again. This prompted authorities to arrest his parents and charge them with child neglect.

His first disappearance garnered national attention after he was found in a densely wooded area near the family home.

Although clad only in a diaper and a shirt, he was unharmed and seemed to suffer no ill effects from spending the night out in the cold.

Authorities believe that the family dog, who was found with the child, kept him warm throughout the night.

Eight days later, the child wandered offer again and was found by a neighbor approximately a third of a mile from his home. The child was alone and crying with no way to tell how long he had been gone from the home.

Once authorities realized this was the same child who had wandered off previously, they took both the toddler and a six-month old baby into protective custody.

Local authorities charged both the child’s mother Jacklyn Marie Jacobson, age 25, and her boyfriend, 21-year-old Jose Bleckler with several counts of unlawful neglect.

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