Toddler Served Alcohol at Applebees

Instead of apple juice, a 15-month-old toddler was given alcoholic margarita mix at a Madison Heights, Michigan Applebee’s.

Taylor Dill-Reese said she had ordered apple juice with her child’s kids meal during their meal. She said he began acting very sleepy and laid his head on the table.

Dill-Reese began to get very concerned about her son and opened his cup. She smelled alcohol in his cup and alerted the manager. The manager apologized and said he was unsure what could be done. She then rushed her son to the emergency room. His blood alcohol level was .10, which is a very dangerous level. A .10 level is above the legal limit even for adults in the state of Michigan. The doctors at the hospital informed the mother that the results could have been fatal for her son if he had consumed the entire drink. She is very thankful that he is ok after the incident.

The local police are investigating this case along with the restaurant. Applebee’s has issued a statement calling this “unacceptable.” This is giving parents a tip to check their child’s cup when it is served at a restaurant. It could easily go unnoticed since the cup is sealed with a lid.

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