Toddler Served Alcohol at Olive Garden

Another toddler has been served alcohol at a national chain restaurant.

A Lakeland, Florida woman recognized her 2-year-old son was acting strangely during a meal at an Olive Garden.

Jill VanHeest said the boy was misbehaving and had bloodshot eyes. After a 30-minute investigation, restaurant employees realized boy, Nikolai, had consumed nearly an entire child-sized cup of sangria instead of juice.

He was taken to the hospital and given fluids through an IV.

A spokesman for Olive Garden said the incident was extremely regrettable, and the company is changing the way they make and serve sangria.

VanHeest is undecided on whether to sue the restaurant. Less than a month ago, a Michigan youngster was mistakenly served a margarita at an Applebee’s restaurant.

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