Toddler Traumatized on Virgin Blue Flight

In recent years, air travel has become more stressful and complicated around the globe. Unfortunately For one family on a Virgin Blue flight, traveling by plane took an unexpected turn for the worse.

Natalie Williamson and her husband Shayne were flying with their 17-month-old son Riley from Fiji to Sydney. While the flight was running smoothly, at some point in the journey, a flight attendant picked up Riley and locked him in an overhead bin.

The child was only locked in the bin for ten seconds, but Williamson claims that the incident wounded her son emotionally. Ever since the flight, which occurred about three months ago, Riley has been clingy and has been exhibiting anxiety and withdrawal systems, according to specialists.

Virgin Blue acknowledges the incident claiming the flight attendant was simply playing peek-a-boo. Regardless, the flight attendant was fired, and the family has been offered free tickets as compensation.

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