Twins Fighting In the Womb

Recently there has been a viral video floating around capturing twins getting in to fist a cuffs with each other…all though it may not seem like a normal thing twins do, it is much than just your average twins; these twins are still in the their mother’s womb.

The video being viewed across the globe was captured via high-clarity MRI, in which the in utero twins are depicted scuffling for their very own private space. Tiny, little legs thrust and kick considerably, showing viewers that sibling rivalry is almost ingrained from the moment of conception.

The video of the “fighting twins” is unique compared to most other footage and videos of twins in the womb.

The reason why is because the video showing the twins fighting is shown without edits, making it completely raw footage; whereas other videos depicting twins in utero are highly edited and reconstructed because of poor quality.

“We haven’t really been able to see before in such real-time complete pictures how twins interact and what this cine lets us do is see their positions in relation to each other and how much space they have, how much space they occupy, and how they might move around and push each other out of the way,” Dr. Marisa Taylor-Clarke explained in an interview with New Scientist.

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