Tying the Knot Prescribed For Gay Couples

Can being married help gay men stay healthy? A new study out of Columbia University seems to think, “Yes.”

The study, which studied 1,211 homosexual male couples 12 months prior and 12 months after the new law in Massachusetts legalizing same-sex marriage, saw a 13 percent decline in doctor visits and 14 percent decline in health care costs for the newly-weds.

The decrease was most likely caused by decreased blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and STDs, all of which are supposed to have been caused by the social stigmas attached with sexual orientation.

The new study is another addition to what seems to be a growing body of evidence to legalize gay marriage. The positive effects can be found in economy, health, and society.

There were not enough lesbians at the particular clinic to have any solid evidence of the effect of legalized marriage for that group.

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