Very Faint Line on a Pregnancy Test — Pregnant Or Not Pregnant?

Whether you want to confirm a pregnancy, or are anxiously hoping to learn you are not about to conceive, a pregnancy test is a step towards determining your condition. Once the pregnancy test interacts with your urine, examine it to see if the line turns pink. What happens if the line turns a very pale pink; are you pregnant or not?

Although even a pale pink line usually indicates that you are pregnant, you can take certain precautions to ensure a reliable reading. Check the box to ensure the test is not expired, the test is packaged properly and has been properly stored. Read and carefully follow the instructions.

Pregnancy tests detect human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone that appears in a pregnant woman’s urine. From the time of conception, hCG usually takes about ten days or more to appear in a pregnant woman’s urine and steadily doubles daily until the later end of her first trimester. Thus, the amount of hCG the pregnancy test detects can affect the vibrancy of the positive pink line. Therefore, keeping track of your last period can help ensure that you take the test within the time frame that your body is likely to produce sufficient detectable hCG.

Additionally, pregnancy tests vary in the amount of hcg they are able to detect. The box will indicate the minimum levels of hCG that the test can detect. Some tests can detect 10mIU, but most tests need higher levels of hCG in the body to detect it.

Although women can take a pregnancy test using urine samples taken at any time during the day, they are likely to see a deeper pink line when the urine tests positive if they use first morning urine. Samples of first morning urine are less diluted than urine samples taken throughout the day.

Nevertheless, there are a few situations where you may get a pale pink line that appears to be positive even if you are not pregnant. If you do not read the results of the test immediately, prolonged exposure to urine can create a pink line. Additionally, if you are taking any medications, check that the medications do not affect the test results. Fertility drugs and other drugs containing hCG affect test results. A pale pink line can also be present if you have a miscarriage because hCG appears in the urine.

If your pregnancy test produces a pale pink line, take another test several days later to confirm the results. Then obtain medical confirmation by visiting your obstetrician.

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