Weiss Recalls Fresh Express Bagged Spinach

Weis Marketing, the makers of Fresh Express bagged spinach, has volunteered to recall all of its nine ounce bagged spinach because of possible salmonella contamination. The company issued this statement on Wednesday, but the recall has yet to be posted on the FDA website.

All nine-ounce bags with an expiration date of April 6 and April 7 are included in this recall. The Universal Product Code (UPC) number is 71279-13204.

Salmonella is a type of food poisoning that can cause severe abdominal pain and cramping, diarrhea and vomiting. Symptoms can begin eight to 72 hours after infection. High-risk people, such as pregnant women, small children, the elderly, and those with immune disorders may require hospitalization. Severe cases of salmonella poisoning may cause kidney failure.

This recall comes shortly after a Canadian recall of walnut products that were imported from the U.S. However, the strain of salmonella that has been associated with the walnut case is thought to be drug resistant, a first for food borne illnesses. The strain of salmonella associated with the Fresh Express spinach is not the same strain.

Consumers that have the products in their home can return them to the store of purchase for a complete refund. Calls to the Weis Marketing customer service number have confirmed the recall data and the refund policy.

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