We’re Having A Baby — 217 Days To Launch

I’ve decided to blog every day until the birth of our new rug rat.

According to the SmellyDiaper pregnancy Calendar we are

57 Days Pregnant!
20.8% Through Our Pregnancy, only 217 days to go!
Estimated Conception Date: January 25, 2011
End of your first trimester: April 25, 2011
End of second trimester: July 25, 2011
Your Due Date: October 25, 2011
Fetal Age: 57 Days Old

So we have 217 days to go!!!

At this point, we still have not told all of our family and friends. We want to tell everyone important to us face-to-face.

Annie is doing really well so far with almost no symptoms. She hasn’t even had the dreaded “morning sickness” yet. She has experienced some stomach discomfort including constipation.

We have started to prepare for the new arrival. I will be moving my office to the spare bedroom in order to make room for the nursery. We already bought a dresser and change table.

Next step painting!

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