Woman To Give Natural Birth Online

A Canadian woman, Nancy Salgueiro, will allow people from all over the world to watch the birth of her third child live online.

Potential viewers will have to first sign up here in order to see her give birth at home on October 7, 2011.

Reportedly, her two-year-old son, Taivus, will cut the umbilical cord. The entire birth process will be streamed live on her website http://yourbirthcoach.com/.

Salgueiro, a chiropractor who operates a natural birth website, says she loves giving birth and is delighted to share her birth with the world. So far, 800 people have signed up to watch the birth.

Salgueiro says she wants people to watch in order to help viewers understand that giving birth is not a terrifying experience. She also wants people, especially women, to see how natural childbirth looks, and that it is normal.

Nancy has made videotapes of her other two births, but she wanted to offer people the chance to see the entire process of birth live online.

Some reporters and several Canadian television stations have accused Nancy of wanting to be in the spotlight, motivated only by the publicity.

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