Women Give up Mirrors in an Attempt to See Themselves Better

Women Give up Mirrors in an Attempt to See Themselves Better

There is a new movement and some women are jumping on the bandwagon.

In an effort to feel better about themselves, a group of female bloggers in the United States have taken to avoiding the mirror. They call this new trend mirror fasting.

It means not looking into any mirror surface for a specific length of time. This would include shop windows, car windows and, of course, car mirrors too. Any reflective surface is off-limits when involved in mirror fasting.

Autumn Whitefield-Madrano, a 36-year-old freelance writer based in Queens, New York, told The Observer : “I’d become aware that I had a mirror face.

“Whenever I saw my reflection I’d open my eyes a little wider, suck in my cheeks a little and tip my chin down in an effort to make myself look more like I wanted to. It made me feel really vain.”

The goal is to go beyond the surface looks and not obsess over how she looks in the mirror. The goal is to take the focus off surface beauty and look deeper inside herself during mirror fasting. Like regular food fasting which is supposed to clear the mind, mirror fasting is thought to do the same.

Will you try “mirror fasting?”

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