Young Parents Diagnosed With Advanced Cancer at the Same Time

One of the most devastating and frequently occurring medical conditions is cancer.

Cancer affects millions of families across the country that have to deal with the thought of whether or not their loved one will survive. One young family in New York is dealing with an unimaginable crisis as both young parents recently received news that they are both in the advanced stages of cancer.

In February, a 38-year old man received news that he has colorectal cancer that has advanced to the third stage, and was given a 60% chance of surviving for 5 or more years.

This news would be horrible for anyone, but the situation was worsened by the fact that his wife received news just 9 days earlier that she was suffering from an incurable form of breast cancer.

The couple also has a very young daughter and both need to take a medical leave of absence. A website set up has already raised $25,000 for them.

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